1- Hanse Yachts

Hanse Yachts AG is a German yacht builder based in the city of Greifswald. The company offers monohull sailing boats under the brands’ Hanse, Dehler, and Moody, as well as catamarans under the brand Privilège. Motorboats are sold under the brands of Fjord and Sealine. HanseYachts collaborates with Patrick Banfield, Bill Dixon, Judel / Vrolijk & Co, and Marc Lombard yacht designers.

2- Hallberg-Rassy

The Hallberg-Rassy, the story was started with Harry Hallberg in early 1943 in Sweden as sailing yacht manufacturers. In 1972 the Rassy yard purchased Harry Hallberg’s yard. So the new company was named Hallberg-Rassy and located in Ellös. Hallberg-Rassy began a successful co-operation with the most talented yacht designer Germán Frers in 1988. Today 9,400 Hallberg-Rassy yachts are delivered all over the world.

3- Amel Yachts

Yacht designer Henri Amel founded Chantiers Amel in 1965 and based in La Rochelle. Their aim is the design durable, safety, and cruising sailing yachts. So yachts designed well in which all controls are gathered in the central cockpit to ensure easy and safe sailing. Amel yachts are the legacy of Henri Amel’s passion and vision to build the perfect ocean-going yachts. At his death in 2005, Amel donated 12,000 of 13,000 shares in Chantier Amel to company employees.

4- Oyster Yachts

Formerly known as Oyster Marine, was founded in 1973 and is a British brand of luxury cruising sailing yachts. Richard Matthews founded Oyster Marine and commissioned the 32 ft sailing yacht, named UFO32, designed by British Naval Architects Holman and Pye that same year. Model descriptions, where yacht lengths are commonly specified, do not specify the length for Oyster yachts.

5- Baltic Yachts

Baltic Yachts shipyard is specialized for sailing yachts. It is located in Larsmo the municipality of Finland. The shipyard was founded in 1973 and today manufactures sailing yachts 15 to 60 meters long. In short, Baltic Yachts build yachts that are lighter, faster, and stiffer with carbon fiber and Kevlar advanced materials.

6- Hylas Yachts

Queen Long Sea chairman Joseph Huang introduced the brand in 1984. Hylas Yachts is a builder of central cockpit fiberglass sailboat and luxury power yachts in Taiwan. Yacht sizes range from 42 to 70 feet.

7- Nautor’s Swan

Nautor’s Swan was founded in 1966 by Pekka Koskenkyla in Pietsaari as Oy Nautor AB shipyard. Today their production activities are located in the same place. Nautor’s Swan continued to develop larger and larger sailing yacht models. The hulls of the smaller cruising yachts are hand laid-up and infused with vacuum, while larger models are made of foamed carbon, attention is to be used according to quality and weight saving. So far over 2000 yachts (approx. 30 models) have been produced. The 2000th Swan Yacht was delivered in August 2012. Currently, they have three yacht groups; Club Swan, Swan, Maxi Swan.

8- Jeanneau Yachts

Jeanneau has been a French shipyard in Les Herbiers since 1957. It was founded by Henri Jeanneau, who started producing powerboats. Jeanneau became part of the Bénéteau group in 1995. Jeanneau specializes in monohulls, but other specialties are catamarans. Jeanneau is the creator of the Lagoon catamaran brand.

9- Beneteau Yachts

Beneteau or Bénéteau is a French sailing yacht and motorboat manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in France and the United States. The company is a large and well-known boat builder that dominates an important market worldwide. Beneteau Group also has other prestige brands such as Lagoon which is a multi-hull boat manufacturer.

10- Tartan Yachts

The company was founded in 1971 by Charles Britton. Tartan is an American boat builder located in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, Erie Lake. The company specializes in fiberglass sailboat design as well as production. The company produces six designs: Tartan 5300, Tartan 4700, Tartan 4300, Tartan 4000, Tartan 345, and Tartan Fantail.

11- Dufour Yachts

The company, based in the western French port city of La Rochelle, was founded in 1964 by shipbuilding engineer Michael Dufour. Monohull sailboats and catamarans produce by the company. In 1973 Dufour was awarded the French export price as France’s leading production boat builder. In 2003, the Dufour 40 was named boat of the year 2003 in France. In addition, the Dufour 34 was named “European Yacht of the Year” in the category under 30 feet at “boot Düsseldorf”.

12- Catalina Yachts

When Catalina Yachts was founded in 1970, the company purpose was not to be the largest sailing manufacturer in the USA, and the aim of the company was to build valuable good boats for its customers. They have sold 60,000 boat models which they have produced since the day they were founded.

13- Elan Yachts

Elan was founded in 1945. Elan is a Slovenian company, located in Begunje na Gorenjskem, specializing in the production sailboats and sports equipment. The company started manufacturing with kayaks, canoes, and small wooden boats. Elan has cooperated with Rob Humphreys, resulting in many successful, award-winning projects.

14- Bavaria Yachts

Bavaria Yachtbau was founded in 1978 by Winfried Herrman and yacht charter broker Josef Meltl. By 2006, the company manufactured approximately 3,500 sailboats and motor yachts, employing 600 people. Bavaria Yachtbau is one of Europe’s largest yacht builders and is Germany’s largest yacht yard. Bavaria Yachtbau is also one of the top three global yacht manufacturers market leaders for yachts from 30 to 56 feet.

15- X-Yachts

X-Yachts is a Danish brand and manufacturing company specializing in sailing yachts for cruising and racing. X-Yachts was founded by brothers Niels and Lars Jeppesen with Birger Hansen in Haderslev, Denmark. The company continues its activities at the place it has established. Since established, X-Yachts has produced about 5000 yachts. The first models were released in May 1979 and were 7.9 meters (26 ft) X-79.

16- Rustler Yachts

Rustler Yachts has a reputation for handmade high-quality semi-handmade yachts, a British yacht builder based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Rustler designs and produces cruise-oriented glass fiber composite sailing yachts by making traditional designs. They have been building yachts that they have produced since the early 1980s using quality materials and traditional methods.

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